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Bigg Boss 4

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 : 5th Week Elemination

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 : 5th Week Elemination
Bigg Boss Telugu 4 : 5th Week Elemination

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 : 5th Week Elemination,

The poll was conducted in Telugu for the fifth week in a row like every other week. movie rulers tried to catch the voter’s nerve by asking the question ‘Who do you think will be eliminated in the fifth week of Bigg Boss 4?’ However, there was an unexpected response to this poll. This week has given a clearer result than even the last three weeks.

Today’s Update :

Jordar Sujatha is sure to be eliminated with half the votes cast for her. 44% voted that Sujatha would be eliminated.

The first three weeks did not go well .. Sujatha who was like Narayana with four .. After the coin task the whole attitude changed. Especially her smirk became a curse to her. Deliberately laughing for no reason makes the audience squeal. Moreover, calling Nagarjuna Bittu Bittu also seems exaggerated. Nagarjuna’s fans could not bear to be called Bittu Bittu as she had grown up with Nagarjuna since she was a child. Also the camera comes forward and talks over and over again .

Nominating with silly reasons .. Is it necessary for her to be serious in a funny joke in Bigg Boss House? They did. With this, even though Sujatha was not in the nomination in the fourth week, many people commented that they could not tolerate bringing Sujatha into the nomination. With Sura coming into the nomination for the fifth week in a row, Sujatha’s elimination has become a thing of the past. In terms of voting, Sujatha Nooti should be eliminated one hundred percent. But if Bigg Boss plans any new content from her, it should come as no surprise that she will be eliminated.

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